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In following his father's legacy, Willie embarked on a lifelong journey into the realm of horology and never glanced back. With over 45 years of unwavering dedication, he has solidified his position as one of Singapore's foremost masters of watchmaking.

Willie's expertise extends to the meticulous repair of a wide array of high-end luxury timepieces, a skillset he has honed through training both locally and internationally. His pursuit of excellence led him to Switzerland, where he graduated from the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training & Educational Program (WOSTEP) and subsequently earned certification as a trainer in the field.




Gabriel's fascination with watches was sparked during his childhood, as he observed his father's craftsmanship. Over the last nine years, he has been steadily gaining knowledge and experience while working alongside his father.

In 2019, Gabriel achieved a significant milestone by graduating from the rigorous 3200-hour Diploma program offered by the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training & Education Program (WOSTEP). His time in Switzerland was a transformative experience, where he received comprehensive training in modern mechanical and electronic timepieces. Additionally, he had the privilege of interning at Audemars Piguet, a renowned luxury watch manufacturer, further enriching his horological expertise.



Senior Watch Technician

In 2017, Chi Weng embarked on a courageous journey into the world of watches, taking a leap of faith into this captivating realm. He began his horological odyssey by working closely with the seasoned master, Willie Quek.

With a natural dexterity and a strong aptitude for craftsmanship, Chi Weng's skills and horological acumen have steadily flourished over the years, nurtured and refined under Willie's expert tutelage.



Senior Watch Technician

Min Keang has dedicated numerous years to receiving direct training from Willie, the seasoned expert in watchmaking. His unwavering commitment to precision and his pursuit of perfection are clearly evident in the quality of his craftsmanship.

Min Keang aspires to rank among the top watchmakers in Asia, and his relentless dedication leaves us with no doubt about his immense potential.


Rebecca Quek

Watch Technician

Rebecca made a life-altering decision to leave her position as a civil servant and embrace a career in watchmaking. She was driven by a desire to engage in hands-on work rather than spending her days sending emails. It was only natural for her to acquire this skill from her father, who is renowned in the field.

Since her transition, Rebecca has discovered immense fulfillment in her new craft. She experiences a profound sense of satisfaction every time she successfully assembles and completes her very first watch, marking the beginning of a promising journey in horology.


Koh Huan Ni

General Manager

Huan Ni dedicated a decade of her life to the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, honing her skills as a chef, before joining her husband, Gabriel, at The Watch Specialist's Clinic.

Her extensive experience in the service industry, combined with her meticulous attention to detail, will play a pivotal role in ensuring that both clients and their cherished timepieces receive the utmost care and attention at our establishment.

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